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Palestinian's history marks its culture and defines well the different époques that the Palestinian's music has gone through. The religion, races, ethnic groups and society as a whole has gone into various struggles illustrated or came into light from within the complex Arabic songs that Palestinian musicians compose. 

Long time ago, Palestinian music was a ritual in weddings, and special occasions. In work, especially the work related to the environment, Palestinians sang various Arabic songs and dance dabkeh, with the ear longing to hear mijana and dalouna at the end of a tiring day. 
The war has gave birth to stronger musical identity of the Palestinians. New forms and style emerged in the composition of Palestinian Arabic songs; and Palestinian singers started showing up, all singing for the Palestinian issue, expressing their anger, their strength, their defeat and struggling to peace. For instance, Rim Banna sang for the Palestinian children and the situation in Palestine.
Palestinian music uses several musical instruments, some of which date back to history and some are renowned, Kanoun, Darbukkah, Kamanja, and Oud,   
New form of Palestinian song was the Palestinian hip hop songs which merges Western and Arabic songs lyrics. In addition to the rise up of Arab Rap songs that utter the young Palestinians feelings. Palestinian Arabic Bands grew famous like Al Quds Band, and Sabayas Band.

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