Qatar Singers

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The state of Qatar bordered by Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula, is influenced by its neighboring countries. The music of Qatar is affiliated to the Arabic songs, and was influenced during the last thirty years by the Gulf arts

Qatari music is originated from Bedouin music and Arabic poetry. Just like in any Arab country, Qatar has its own traditional type of Arabic music and dance. Ardah is a traditional dance performed by rows of dancers who move on the beat of musical instruments like al-ras, tambourine, cymbals, drums, oud, rebaba, and flute.  
Qatar has established many associations to encourage the Arabic music in the country:
- The Qatari Gulf Folklore Center, which teaches Qatari folk music.  
- And in 2005, Doha Community Orchestral has established a whole symphony orchestra; they play in concerts and do their rehearsals in The American School of Doha. 
- Doha Jazz has also taken part in the music of Qatar, the Doha Jazz festival ranks a high world class music.
- Qatar Music Academy is developed by Qatar foundation's Centers that spread the education within the country and create an environment of lively inspirations and full of energy.
Qatari songs are a huge open world created by improvisation and creativity bought together to value the Arabic songs.  


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