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Saudia Arabian music is derived and dates back to the ancient poets who used to move in the deserts with their baggage and instruments.  

Samri is the traditional kind of Arabic music that Saudi Arabian's culture is famous for; poetry and dancing accompany this type of Saudi music. AlSihba is another kind of Saudi Arabian music; it is the folk type of Saudi Arabian Music that originates from Hejaz. 
The musical instruments which Saudi singers use in their Arabic music and songs are mizmar, oud, ney, drum and rababa.
Art and cultural rituals in Saudi Arabia are illustrated in Al Ardha, the national dance, the sword dance related to the old Bedouins, in which dancers show pride in carrying their swords and dancing shoulder to shoulder. 
As Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country, it holds idealistic thoughts since religion plays an important role in the Saudi music. Many Muslim people refuse to merge the Saudi music in their life, for they say it is sinful. Whereas, other Muslim people are involved in Saudi music and religion together, and they enjoy both.  
Saudi Arabian music was inherited from its Khaliji neighboring countries; it includes western and traditional Arabic music, Arabic pop songs and Arabic rock Saudi songs. 
A notable Saudi Arabian musician isTariq Abdul Haqim who has released more than hundred Saudi songs. The Saudi Arabian Anthem was composed by Saraj Omar. 
Saudi Pop songs also takes part in Saudi music, the Pop star Talal Maddah has been loved by the audience, and sadly died on theatre. Saudi female singers has been showing up more, like Aseel Omran, 3etab, and Wa3ed.  
You will also find a full list of all Saudi Radios and TV in different tabs on our site.
A full list for all Saudi female and male singers with other artistic performers that had a foot print in the Saudi culture:
Ibtisam Lutfi, Aseel Omran, Waed, Ayman Mahawi, Basmah Felemban, Eman Jibreen, Fatma, Hala Ali, Hanan Bahamdan, Halla Bint Khalid, Hana Hajjar, Hanan Al-Faisal, Hend Al-Mansour, Haifa Al Mutawa, Huda Totonji, Jowhara Al Saud, Lina Gazzaz, Lulwah Al-Homoud, Maha Mullah, Manal Al-Harbi, Al Qahtani, Noha Faoud Al-Ghalib, Noha Al-Sharif, Noura Bouzo, Ola Hejazi, Reem Al Faisal, Nazir, Safeya Binzagr, Saleh Al-Zayer, Samiah Khashoggi, Shadia Alem & Raja Alem, Shalima Sharbatli, Soraya Darwish, Saudiaat, Sarah Abu Abdallah, Sarah Mohanna Al Abdali, Tahani Al-Briki, Wafa Al-Mihdar, Wafa Karsha, Zahra Bu Ali, Zaina Zahid, Mohammed Abdu, Abdulaziz Abdulrahman, Khalid Abdulrahman, Rashed Al-Majed, Ibrahim El Hakami, Abass Ibrahim, Talal Maddah, Qusai (musician), Rabeh Sager


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