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Due to its location that connects to the Red Sea and the facing countries like India, Yemen has historical archive in traditional Arabic music. History states how the Yemeni people used to come up with their music, so simply and spontaneously. Arabic poetry is the main part of the Yemeni songs, and then comes the musical instruments like oud. The variation in the voice of the singer creates expressive style. 

Yemeni poetry stimulates the Yemeni culture and enriches it with rhythmic patterns of Arabic songs. The Yemeni musicians make sure to guard the Yemeni heritage so that it distinguishes the Yemeni Arabic songs from the rest of the Arabian countries.  
The musical instruments used in the Yemeni music like the tasah, and marfa', madiff, sahfah, table, mizmar, baurayzan… provide the Yemeni songs with an ensemble that complete any kind of Yemeni music.
Whether amateur or professional, Yemeni musicians and Yemeni singers are notable in the Arab world. Arab popular Yemeni singers have become known worldwide. In 2003, the appreciation of the traditional Yemeni music came with the recognition of UNESCO that stated that Yemeni song is a Masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.  
Yemeni female singers struggle to reach into world of fame, like Arwa
And the tradition continues to highlight on the Yemeni culture and links it with the modern Yemeni Arabic songs. 

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