Myriam Fares

Myriam Fares

Myriam Fares, a Lebanese Singer, born in 3-5-1983 in southern Lebanon; Myriam Fares now lives in New Rawda in Beirut. She is young shining star, singer and actress..

Miriam Fares started learning ballet, and at the age of nine, she won first place in the belly dancing, in a program of small talents, which was broadcast on Television of Lebanon. Myriam Fares did not only learn how to dance, Myriam Fares was encouraged by her teachers in the school, and they pushed her to enter the Music Institute, National Conservatory of Music and learned music for four years, to return back again and into competition. Myriam fares participated in the age of 16 years in the Lebanese Song Festival where she won first prize for the nomination of the Lebanese song.
 At the age of 17 years, Myriam Fares also won first place, but this time in "Studio Al Nasir 2000" for the areas of southern Lebanon, Beirut and Mount Lebanon.
And in the same age, participated in "Studio El Fann", Myriam Fares won in the category of the popular Lebanese song, and won for the province of the south, in the category of the great singer Najah Salam.

The first album for the new singer, Myriam Fares was in her twentieth year; it was produced through the company Music Master, and who also filmed a video clip for the song "Ana Wil Shog", in which she appeared dancing ballet. And then she released a song "La tesalni" and has also filmed a video clip for it.

Summer of 2004 was very hectic for Myriam Fares, she has gone trips and tours in the Middle East, to return home carrying the title of Queen Mary.

Myriam fares was the source of inspiration for the perfume maker, Mahmoud Saeed, he worked with her to launch a new perfume in the name of her song "Ana Wil Shog".
And she still has lots of success waiting for her to be achieved. Myriam Fares has become well-known in a short period of time in the musical and art world. In 2012, Myriam Fares was awarded by Google for being the Fastest Rising Star in the Middle East , and she was given the title of "Ambassador of Google Hangouts in the Middle East". 

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