Nagat El Saghira

Nagat El Saghira

Najat Mohammad Mahmoud Hosni, born in Cairo in 1939 in a family that loves art, her father was a calligrapher known between the artistic people and married many times. Her father has about 17 sons and daughters, one of them the late Soad Hosni, the younger sister of Najat

The ten-year-old girl, Najat used to work in the weddings and events. As a consequence of this work, the great composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab in 1949  went to the police station to raise a case against the calligrapher Mohamed Mahmoud Hosni, Nagat's  father, to force him to stop this action because his daughter had a wonderful voice that she must maintain and not waste this talent at an early age, where its structure has not been completed, but must be stored until she grows up and develops.

Abdel Waheb truly succeeded in what he has hoped to do, that is to protect the survival of this beautiful voice, and she grew up with a steady voice.

Nagat used to imitate Umm Kulthum, and she mastered it. She has always been a guest of the concerts at the princes, presidents and kings and that was behind the sense of being a rare phenomenon in singing, known for her sweet voice.

The success of Nagat's effort was the result of a work that lasted for years and as a result of the special and distinctive voice that not nay singer can reveal.  Of her first songs were: Irgaa lee, Alf Ahwah, Eshar, Ghariba, Mish Hayen Awadaak… and many other songs.

After the death of her sister Souad Hosni, she was absent from the all events, the death of her sister had a great impact on her.

One who gains great success in the field of singing will surely have also access to achieve success in any other place, Nagat Al Zaghira attracted the attention of the big screen, the film has opened many areas of acting, she participated in many tournaments of different films.
There was a marked temporal time difference between a film and another, and that was because she had another priority and more interest: singing

The films that have been well-known are: Al Shoumouu Alsawda2, Shatee Almara7, Sabat Ayyam Fi Al Janna, Ibnati Al Aaziza.

The world has kidnapped Nagat Al Saghira, will anyone else get her back one day???

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