Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam

As the arab world describe her, Najwa Karam is the sun of the Arabic song... The Lebanese reporter, George Ibrahim El Khouri is the one who gave Najwa Karam this title and that was for honoring her great voice which fills the heat of listeners with a sense of warmth. 

Najwa Karam was born in Zahle on February 24, 1966 from a Maronite family

Najwa did not start immediately singing, but she was a teacher in a school at the beginning of her life and then started singing in the eighties. Najwa Karam won in the contest "Layali Loubnan" a gold medal in 1989 and she launched her first album under the title "Ya Habayeb". In 1992, Najwa Karam released the second album "Shames El Ghinniya" which was a great success and of great admiration from the audience and the public. As the years passed, the releases of albums went on: "Ana Maakon, Naghmet 7obb, Hazzi Helo, Maghroumi, Nadmani, Saharni, Shou Mghayara, Keber El Hobb, Hayda Haki, Aam Bemzah Maak, Khallini Shoufak Bel Leil, Ma Fi Nom .
Najwa Karam was distinguished from other singers in her voice and her strong performance in songs of Lebanese roots. She sang in the Lebanese accent thinking this was a national duty, and she has also sang a song for her country "Leych Mgharrab" and in addition to various types of mawaweel.

There is no doubt that Najwa Karam is not only a singer but also a great humanly person in many situations. This is demonstrated in many humanitarian actions she has done, she sang for Lebanon during the July War from Tunisia, to help bring help and assistance for the Lebanese people. She took the responsibility of taking care of health insurance for the disabled and the responsibility to provide scholarships to students from the Zahle who do not have the money to learn. She also thought of the elderly and created a special house for them. 

Najwa Karam's fans are found all over and everyone loves her for the strong voice she has. She is characterized by having large audience, in which thousands of fans attend her concerts and wait Najwa Karam, they even wait to enter behind closed doors, since the terminals do not accommodate anymore fans. All the fans come to watch Najwa Karam for they take her as an example of national and great humanitarian person, moreover as a leader or all other artists and singers. In 2011 and 2012 Najwa Karam was one of the Jury members of the Arab talent show: Arabs Got Talent. In 2012 she was appointed as L'Oréal's ambassador for its products in the Middle East, but did not complete the journey to the end because of some problems. And she also participated in the Cannes International Festivals.

Najwa Karam is "The sun of the Arabic song", "Queen of Mijana and Aataba", "Queen of the Ooff", the sweet singer who carries Lebanon so high, always high in the Lebanese sky , and many other countries.

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