Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram was born in Achrafieh city in Lebanon in May 16, 1983. She is considered one of the youngest singers in Lebanon

Nancy Ajram,  won numerous awards. Sold more than twelve million Albums in the Arab world, making her one of the richest Lebanese singers. Personal wealth exceeded $ 16 million, mostly obtained from higher sales and commercial advertising. She is internationally famous starting in a musical program "Future Stars" (Noujoum l moustakbal), wher she won at the age of 12 a gold medal on the Rapture (tarab) category.

She produced album "Moushtagalk" in 1998, followed by "Sheel Ouyounak Anni" in 2001. After that emerged at the top of the gate of music in early 2003 in the album: "Ya Salam" (with her producer Jiji La Mara) with the famous song “Akhasmak Ah". Won the award for best Arab singer in the 2003 in “Oscar Video Clip Festival " in Sharm el-Sheikh. From then, issued album "Ah w Noss" in 2005. In early 2006, issued: Inta Masri”, timed to coincide with host Egypt for the African Nations Cup football. Then "Ya Tabtab Wa Dallaa" in February 2006. "Ehsas Jdid" is the most successful song in this album.

What led to the success of Ajram, eminent singer, are the advertising deals, particularly for Coca Cola and jewelry DAMAS. She issued her second and third albums during the period in which she engaged in the field of advertising, and included more substantive inputs for Ajram. A video produced for the song "Elli Kan" from album "Ya Tabtab Wa Dallaa" and Nancy Ajram showed up with DAMAS jewelry. At the same time, almost, a new song was released with the Coca Cola company  under the title "Al Dounya Hilwa."

Nancy's Agram album for children "Shakhbat Shakhabit" 2007 has gained much encourgement from kids and adults too.  Nancy Ajram wanted something of a new kind, and the idea of style and image and voice, combining four songs in seven minutes, was what she wanted with the help of the producer Said AlMarouk with a budget which exceeded the 300 thousand dollars is the biggest so far in the history of Lebanese video clips, and where the director was able to exploit the latest audio and optical effects and scenography to portray what he described as "wonderful artistic integration".  Back in 2008, Nancy Ajram also released her album Betfakkar Fi Eh, which holds several nice Arabic songs like : Mashy Haddy, Ebn El Geran, Meen Ghayri ana, and Lamset 2eed...In 2012, Nancy Ajram released her album Nancy 7, since it's her 7th Album and it features 3eny 3alek, ya kether, Bayya3 w Shater, Sheikh El Shabab. .. Then in 2012, Nancy Ajram launched her second Children album titled "Super Nancy" , and she made a video clip featuring her two daughters Ella and Mia. 

Nancy is addicted to her work; she spends full hours in the studio. Nancy is certainly of  the stars promising multiple talents. Nancy Ajram also planned to open a Gym in Ballouneh, she is certainly of a sportive singer...More success is expected day after day for the brilliant star.


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