Nancy Zaabalawi

Nancy Zaabalawi

 Nancy Zaabalawi was born in Damascus, Syria; her father is a musician who used to play the guitar and he was a member of the Artists Syndicate in Syria

In a musical family, Nancy Zaabalawi was born and with no doubt she inherited the singing talent from her father.  Since she was small Nancy Zaabalawi used to memorize songs quickly, and she participated in many musical programs for children in the Syrian television and in other Arab TV stations.    Nancy Zaabalawi studied Arabic literature at Damascus University before studying English literature and computer at the Faculty of America.  But despite her work as an executive secretary at the Syrian International School, singing remained her number one hobby and used to sing in a hotel, where she used to spend the holiday every year with her family in Alladekieh and in many restaurants and hotels in Damascus.  Nancy Zaabalawi participated in the program Super Star in Beirut, though she did not win first place, but her participation in the program was sufficient to make her start in the musical career and to rise to the world of fame.  Nancy has worked hard on her first 7 songs: Ouridouka, inta w bass, Khoz ra7tak, Si7it min el nom, law laket, mousta7il, shou zakkarak.  

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