Natasha Atlas

Natasha Atlas

Natasha Atlas is a Belgian singer from an Egyptian father and English mother, born in Brussels on March 20, 1964. During her childhood she lived in Egypt, Brussels, Greece and England

Perhaps this is why her music is characterized by a mix of traditional and contemporary, her music themes include traditional rhythms the East, India and North Africa, combined with the European electronic pop music. She recorded several albums with National Records Label without getting much success. Howeverm she gained worldwide fame in the early 90's with the release of her album "Diaspora", followed by the album "Gedida" which won several awards. In 2007 she released "Ana Hina" and later, in 2010 "Mounqaliba" which had great reviews around the world, thanks to the brilliant production of her friend (at that time) Sami Bishai.  Her discography is extensive, Natasha Atlas has released around 15 productions, the most famous are: Diaspora (1996), Gedida (1999), Ana Hina (2008) and Mounqaliba (2010). In 2005 she released a DVD entitled "Transglobal Underground" which included her greatest hits, videos and live performances. Her talent is limitless, her songs have been used for countless films and TV shows internationally renowned, such as: "The Hulk," "Sex and the City 2," "The World Is Not Enough", " Sahara "," Die Another Day " Natasha has not released any material since 2011 but is said to be working again with her husband Sami Bishai in the musical production of a work of ballet based on the story of the Thousand and One Nights.

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