Nawal El Zoghbi

Nawal El Zoghbi

The Lebanese singer Nawal El Zoghbi was born in Jabal Dib, Mount Lebanon, on June 29, 1968. Nawal El Zoghbi was married to Elie Dib and has 3 sons, and after a successful marriage of 15 years she announced officially her divorce in August 25, 2008 in an interview in "Al Tawila Al Moustadira" on Radio Melody

Nawal El Zoghbi's life has long been successful and is continuing being so until now; she began singing in 1988 when she appeared in the program of "Studio El Fann". Nawal Al Zoghbi is considered one of the most famous Arab singers and has worked in the center of world fame and stardom. She sang in all the Arabic accents, released many albums among them:Wehyati Aandak, Aayza El Radd, Habbet El Lel, Mandam Aalek, Maloom, El Layali, Toul Omri, Elli Tmanneto, Einik Kaddabin, Ya Ma Alo, Khalas Samaht.

We cannot deny the success of Nawal Al Zoghbi in all her albums, but there were significant moments in the life of Nawal, where there was more than usual albums and it is important to stop by on the work and Nawal's songs, one of which she dedicated for her first baby, "Tia," and there wasn't a better name for her song than "Tia".

The song, in which Nawal El Zoghbi participates with the famous singer "Wael Kfoury " entitled "Meen Habibi Ana" achieved and deserved huge success. As far from the Lebanese pace, closer to Brazilian tunes, Nawal Al Zoghbi has done well in the song "Toul Omri". And in the Gulf accent, she sang "Gharib El Ray", which was considered among the most successful songs by Nawal, though she is Lebanese.

In 2004 and after her absence, nawal El Zoghbi releases a new album " Einek Kaddabin", which have achieved high sales in the Arab world, and was among those which pulled towards her the World Music Award.

Nawal Al Zoghbi stood high since her first appearance and so far still shining in all her appearances and with the issuance of every new album, each and every new clip.

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