Nicolas Osta

Nicolas Osta

 Nicolas El Kosta, a Lebanese singer was born in 3-12-1966, in Zahle, Lebanon. He learned in the Lebanese University of Zahle as well

His passion for singing pushed him to participate in the talent show “Studio Al Fann” in 1988, in which he won the gold medal with special admiration. Later on, Nicolas studied musicology in the Holy Spirit University-Kaslik and got a certificate in 1991. Afterwards, Nicolas began his singing career fully determined and he was able to keep his significant position in that field.
He participated in many festivals and parties throughout the world and in Lebanon as well, not forgetting that he played heroic acting roles. He won lots of prizes and medals of Honor in his country Lebanon and in foreign countries. Nicolas El Kosta maintains a very high and vital position in the Lebanese world of art for he is one of the biggest Arabic singers and his voice is known to be one of the greatest voices. Some of Nicolas El Kosta’s songs are: “Wainak”, “Mahma Kan”, “Mouda Jdide”, “Al badi Azlam”.

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