OTV Lebanon Orange TV

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The interruption of news transmission and the cut off during the correspondence that was addressed by General Michel Aoun to the Lebanese and the disappearance of his image, was the primary motivation for the opening of OTV Orange TV.

On "Sovereignty, freedom and independency" the Orange TV OTV has seen the light. And carrying the slogan "From the people, to the people" and aims to create an information station that is far from the pulling forces that threaten the concept of freedom.

The OTV Lebanon TV station gained its license as a television station and created its basic development as a high category. They offer programs to viewers, that of various parties and groups and personalities that are present on the Lebanese political scene and the movement of their analysis in a creative manner, and with objectivity. The broadcasting of this channel contains news bulletins and political dialogues and economic and social programs and a discussion forum, in addition to films: dramas, comedies, and cultural programs and documentaries.
The coverage of OTV is exposed in Lebanon and the Arab States, Europe and America, with a package of Lebanese production that is proudly presented elsewhere in the world. Some of the programs that are currently broadcasted on OTV: Iish Beirut (Live Beirut), Bokra Elna (Tomorrow is ours), Ghanni maa Ghassan (Sing with Ghassan), Ovrira, Ared el adasa (the land of holiness), and many other programs that contribute to the success of this channel.