ORIENSI is a Tunisian Oud player and composer, born on November 20, in Sousse. His main proffesion is in medicine, he is a doctor and finds that "medicine is an art and a source of noble sensations and unique inspiration"

Oriensi is like his father, a doctor and musician, he inherited the love of music from him. He had his first oud at the age of 3.  Oriensi studied music at the conservatory and became one of the best Oud/Lute players inTunisia. He participated in the 'Tunisian Music Festival' at the age of 19, he was the youngest composer to participate in this well-known festival. Oriensi has his own recording studio: SOUND FEELING. He performed at numerous concerts all over the world: Germany, France, Russia, Italy…
Oriensi is characterised by "fusing the sound of his traditional roots with the charms of classical music. 

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