Pascale Machaalani

Pascale Machaalani

Pascale Machaalani was born in Jdeideh, Lebanon, and she lived in Jounieh. Since her childhood, Pascale Machaalani loved music and art; she participated in many plays and artistic activities in school

Her mother is supported and accompanied her throughout her musical journey and success.    The composer Ehsan AlMunzir and and the poet Toufik Barakat first discovered Pascal Machaalani in 1990, and since then she has dealt with Music Master who helped in her succeess.    Pascale Machaalani released her first album under the title "Sahar Sahar" and the numerous albums were issued one following another: Nazret 3younak, banadi, albak asi, lamma bshoufak, khayala,nour el shams, albi, bhebbak ana bhebbak...  These albums included many Arabic songs that was loved by the public and she has shot many video clips. Pascale Machaalani performed in many concerts and festivals and most the important: the Carthage Festival, Festival of Al Ain, UAE Festival and concerts in Qatar, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia .. and in many foreign countries.    Pascale Machaalani won many awards: the Golden CD, and Platinum, and  many international and Arabic awards.    Away from music, Pascale Machaalani participated in an Advertisement for the shampoo Head & Shoulders, which was broadcasted on 33 satellite channels. And in 1981, she won the title of Miss Zahle, coming back to beauty stardom in 1984 when she got the title of Miss Independence.    

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