Ragheb Alama

Ragheb Alama

The famous Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama was born in June 7, 1969 in a small room in the modest home of a poor grandmother in the town of Anbery in southern Beirut. And after a well-known judge in the village, his parents decided to name the new born: Ragheb Alama, wishing to generate with him all the characteristics of justice, honesty and ethics

Ragheb is the biggest of the family; he has seven brothers and sisters. His father used to play the violin while he sat beside him to hear it and learned from him.

Since he was young, he had a beautiful voice and was always chosen to commemorate the events of school and joined the school team, which entered the challenge with other schools where he has always been superior to others. The music professor advised the need to develop this talent, especially when he made it at the age of 12 in a radio program in the Lebanese Radio (Live Broadcast).

Ragheb did not accept to go on with his talent only, but he insisted to support it by learning and he enrolled in the Lebanese Institute of Music, where he studied music, and learned playing on musical instruments, specifically the Oud. And after graduating from the institute, he became ready to compete in the musical field.
In the age of 18, he decided to participate in Studio El Fan in 1980 in the category of popular song, where he was able to prove his intelligence to the difficult choice he has taken, and his choice was in the right place. Ragheb Aalameh well-deserved first place. This young singer, who was listened to by all Lebanese did not take too long to become "Super Star Ragheb Alama". Everyone talked about him and adored his voice.
The Arab world has been responsive to his songs, and the fans waited impatiently for his concerts and the release of his new albums.

And so Ragheb became the artist of non-limits, open to the world, an ambassador of sentimental feelings, that was his nickname after taking part in several festivals. And in addition to his titles, Ragheb Alama won many medals and recognitions from the Arab countries.

Ragheb Alama has released many albums, he has more than 16 albums and 30 video clips. His first album was "Bokra Byobrom Dulabik" and then rolled several albums and we recall the famous album "Tawaam Rouhi", which had huge sales, as well as the album "Albi Eshgha", and many other albums.

And he remains the Super Star Ragheb Alama, shining again and again with every release of new albums.

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