Rai Mix

Rai Mix

Rai Arabic music is a popular folk music originated from Morocco, and Algeria. And this type of singing is in the vernacular language that deals with social topics and problems

Through the Rai music, many singers and musicians talk about their ambitions, their political views and social opinion.    All Rai singers are called Cheb, the definition of “young”. Great Rai singers include: Cheb Hosni, Cheb Kamal Alwajdi, Cheb Khaled, Cheb Mami, Cheb Bilal, Al Zahawania, Cheb Nasro, Cheb Fadeel, Rashid Taha, Cheb Abdo,Cheb  Jaloul and many other artists.    What is Mix?  Mixing is a merging of two or more songs together, and manipulating the tunes; it is a kind of art, the art of mixing music.  Each has special skills in the performance of mixing songs. Mix Arabic songs appear to be more attractive to the listeners.    Mixing often goes into several stages in order to be appropriate and at last it is reviewed and accepted by the sound engineer.  There are many tools and machines that are used in the Mixing:  Mixer, or mixing console, mixing desk, mixing board ...    Many of the songs are now are being mixed. Song Mixing is consistent with all types of music, just like the Arabic Rai Mix songs.  

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