Ramy Sabry

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Ramy Sabry

 Rami Sabri was born on March 15, 1978; from his childhood Rami Sabri hoped to become a well-known artist. Rami Sabri studied music at the Higher Institute of Arabic Music in 2001.  Rami Sabri got into the field of art, but his aim was not to enter the world of singing

His first work was composing music for the song "Layali" for the artist Amer Mounib, and he composed songs for many artists like Fadel Shaker, Shireen Abdul Wahab, and Cheba Amy.    After that, Rami Sabri prepared for his first album, produced, and launched it successfully. Some songs of Rami Sabri: Alf ma sha2 allah, ezzay dayya3tak men hodni, ElKalam koullou, El Hikaya w ma  fiha, Bhebbak, Bhebbek ya emmi, Bahes beh, 2ew3edni, Jouwaya 7at3eesh, sakatte leh, sett el habayeb, ghammadt 3eni, farrajet el nas 3alayya, fi eh, faker zaman, and many other Arabic songs that he had composed himself.    Rami Sabri has grown as a famous artist in the whole Arab world.  

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