Rana Farouk

Rana Farouk

Rana Farooq was born in Kuwait of a Lebanese mother, and a father she hates to be asked about. Rana Farouk has the UAE nationality.  Rana Farouq began singing when she was small; at the age of 13 years when she participated in the Dubai Shopping Festival 1996 with a talented appearance on television

Rana Farooq developed this hobby to become a famous singer, issuing the first album, from the words of Sheikh Zayed, and after that she became more connected with the media and the UAE nationality.    Rana Farouk got the lyrics of her songs but the production company was still missing, so she did not find any company to produce her album and did it on her own expenses.  She shot a video clip for her song "Ana Maghzi" under the supervision of the young Emirati director Nahla AlFahd.    Rana Farouk took part in many music festivals in Kuwait, Oman, UAE, and was hosted on the TV programs in Lebanese TV channels.    Rana Farooq returned to her home country with some Lebanese music composition and she worked on a diversified album that contained Gulf, Egyptian and Lebanese songs.  Rana also produced another video clip with the most famous directors, but all this work did not benefit because she was not at the level of other Gulf artists. Each trial was ending in failure, when she felt that she cannot give anything on the required level in the art world, Rana Farooq was frustrated and decided to retire.    After all, Rana Farouq decided to wear the veil.    

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