Rayan Haber

Rayan Haber

Rayan Habre, born in 1986, song of Khaled El Haber, is a composer, musician and writer. He studied musicology at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, USEK - Lebanon. 

“Bassita” band was created by Rayan El Haber

He’s the one who changed the formation of the band so many times until he adopted essential names that always accompanied the band.
Bassita is one of the few young bands in the field of art that presents original and musical singing pieces. At some point, it started taking over other famous Arabic singers who present the same type of songs.
The band adopted colloquial language in their songs and carried out social or political issues and other realistic issues through which they sent particular messages to the listeners. The band’s composition: The keyboardist: Rayan El Haber; he’s the founder of the band and the composer of its songs. The drummer: Rizk Allah Kostantine, On the lute: Ithman Ayyad, the violinist: Fahed Hawa, In addition to many other musicians on different musical instruments.

In 2016, Rayan Habre released his first album titled "Ta'a Ellak" featuring 11 tracks, of which 2 are musical pieces: "Hagop" and "VHS". The album's songs: Aa Bali Fell, Asyad El Kalam, Habibi, Hakini, Kermal El Matou, Mayyel 3a Rawa2, Oum Ya Helou (dedicated to his grandfather), Ta3a Ellak, and Ya Hana. 
The album was produced by Rayan Habre himself, and remained for a month and a half on top of the most sold CDs in Virgin Megastore, in Lebanon. 

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