His real name is Egrigor… he’s Lebanese, but originally Armenian, he is the singer Rayan. Rayan was born on 13-8-1982 in Jal El Dib, near the capital of Lebanon, Beirut

Since his childhood Rayan loved art and singing however, he never left his educational life. He studied in school and graduated to enter the university to learn law, along with singing in order to guarantee his life in the future. Rayan shined and entered the world of art with his first album “Halit Hob”; with his wonderful voice he was able to attract many of his fans and that’s how Rayan’s work flourished. Aside of being an Arabic singer, Rayan also writes poetry; he wrote one of his songs “Ahla Gharam”. Some of his songs are: “Hikyou Ineik”, “Halit Hob”, “Halah Gharibah’ and many more…

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