Razan Moghrabi

Razan Moghrabi

 She's an artist, a singer, a famous actress and reporter, she is Razan Moghrabi, born on August 20 in Lebanon.  Since she was 16 years old, she started presenting TV programs, she was the smaller presenter at that time

With the encouragement of her mother, Razan made her first appearance on the little screen in a program titled "El Layl El Maftouh" 

Razan continued in the same program for three years, and then moved to London to work with MBC program "Tops of the Pops", followed by another program "Chehrzan" where her singing talent started to show.
Razan has covered many of the global business and international concerts, since she has the facility to engage in a dialogue in both English and Arabic. 

Razan released her 2008 album "Inta ba2a", some of Razan songs: Inta meen, Ta3al, Lamma Shouftak, Law Hobb da…and other songs. 

The films in which Razan Moghrabi participated in are numerous, from these films: Harb Italy, TV series Al 3ameel. 

Razan Al Maghribi has dealth with all fields in the world of art, and has a successful history in the Arab media.  

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