Rola Saad

Rola Saad

 The Lebanese singer Rola Saad, was an orphan girl. She used to consider herself an unfortunate girl, but her voice proved that Rola Saad is actually lucky

She entered the world of art, but she excelled in the field of fashion as well. Then she worked on progressing to develop her singing talent, she performed the Arabic song "Yana Yana" for the great Lebanese singer Sabah, and she sang it a duo with her. And through this song, in 2006 the singer Rola Saad officially started her way to stardom.    So now the Arabic singer Rola Saad song became famous and her name is on everyone's tongue, she released many other songs, including: A3ish wa Mout, Ana eh ana leek, Ana weyak, Al Fostane El Abyad, Inta lli b7ebbak, Bicharafak, and recorded many Arabic songs video clips. She once recorded a video clip whose story revolved about adopting an African child, it was an epitome of the suffer experienced when she was an orphan.  

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