Rotana Music

After Rotana  has started in 1987 in producing CDs and after it had formed a family of singers and artistic production, in 2003 Rotana decided to launch a network of multiple channels, directed to all segments of society, and of these channels, the music channel Rotana.

This channel broadcasts the modern Arab music videos, from the Gulf and the Arab world, for those who deal with them and for whom Rotana produce their songs in the largest production company for music in the Arab world: Rotana
And from these artists: Elissa, Najwa Karam, George Wassouf, Wael Al-Kfouri, Amr Diab, Saber Al Roubaii and other artists.

And in addition to the presentation of these songs, Rotana is distinguished by the musical programs which are very diverse and multi-functional. "Top 20" a very successful program which releases the latest music and "Rotana Café", which releases latest music news and presents the main developments on the music scene. Rotana continues offering the highest quality video clips and the best music production