Rouwaida Attieh

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Rouwaida Attieh

 Rouweida Attieh was born on the first of July 1982, and her real name was Ubayda Haider  Atiyyah. She participated in Super Star, a music TV program broadcasted on Lebanese Future TV, and this was her way to fame

She has a very beautiful and strong voice that enabled her to occupy second place in the program.    Rouweida Attieh launched her first album "Min Nazra", which included 7 Arabic songs: min nazra, ta3ebt ma3ak, hasamt el amer, rahet sana, leh….it was a great successful album. Rouweida Attieh second album was "Khisamak Morr" and which included about 10 Arabic songs and from these songs: 3ala Elmani, Jrouhi, 2ouloub Milyana, Insa, Ana min ...    Rouweida Attieh participated in many festivals and concerts and released a duet with the great Lebanese singer Wadih El Safi entitled "Hayda Lebnan"    And the latest album released "Ma Tmallikni el dini" and also released after that her individual song "Hayati Melki" and Rouweida Attieh video clip "Hayati Melki" was a big hit.  

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