Ruby is an Egyptian singer, whose real name is  Rania Hussein Mohammed Tawfik. Ruby was born in October 8, 1981 in Cairo

Ruby studied Law at the University of the Prophet Joseph, and she presented art programs in the Egyptian TV channels: Dream and AlMihwar, and ended up in the art field.

Her first appearance was in the movie "Cultural Film" in 2000, but her role wasn't a main one, she was seen in some scenes, and her name appeared as Rania Hussein.

From Ruby's first clip "Inta Aaref Leh" which was shoot in Prague,she raised some controversies. After that, her appearance was in the film "Soucout Hansawwer" by Youssef Chahine, and from here he had chosen for her the new artistic name: "Ruby".
Sheriff Sabri  adopted Ruby, he produced her first video clip "Inta Aaref Leh". As well as the production and directed the first film, in which she shows as main character in "Sabe3 Warakat Kutchiniya" (7 Playing Cards). The contract between them ended in 2007 and now her business director is Walid Mustafa.

What about Ruby joining the Syndicate of Artists?
This step has set up such a controversy; Ruby accession to the syndicate produced numerous accusations to the chief of Musician's Syndicate Hassan Abu Saud. After all the complaints and all good actions taken by lawyer Nabih Al Wahesh to remove Ruby from the syndicate, they finally succeeded in 2007 after the issuance of the Board of State Commissioners of the Court of the State Council, the administrative judiciary in Egypt the decision to write off the name of Ruby from the syndicate.

Here she is, Ruby joining the convoy of Elissa and Haifa Wehbe ,refrained from singing in Syria, according to the Syndicate of Syrian Artists to limit the nudity, and the mitigation of this phenomenon.
The two albums of Ruby, made up of many songs; the first of was in 2004 "Ebea Abelni", the second in 2007, "Mishit Wara Ehsasi". And she continues her work, on the songs and films as well.

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