Sabah Fakhri

Sabah Fakhri

 He was born in 1933 in the town of Halab Al Shahba2, he is the great artist Sabah Fakhri. Since his childhood and the artist Sabah Fakhri had a passion for music, he studied singing and music in the Institutes of Halab and Damascus, and graduated in 1948.
Sabah Fakhri studied Al Mouwashahat and rhythms, poems, roles and solfege besides playing the Oud, he had many singing and musical talents. Sabah Fakhri is the most famous performer of traditional qudood. His name was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for singing 10 hours without a pause, when he was performing in Caracas

Sabah Fakhri also won numerous awards, and many important positions, as Delegate of Syrian artists in Syria, President of the Union of Arab artists and others.
In addition to that, Sabah Fakhri showed in many TV and radio programs, including Al Wadi Al Kabeer, Nagham Al Ams, Zeyrab… From Sabah Fakhri songs: Ana w Habibi, Khamret El Hobb, 3ala Dal3ouna, Kaddouka Al Mayyas…

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