The Lebanese singer Sabah was born on November 10, 1927 in Lebanon. She is given the name of Elsha7roura

Sabah’s artistic career began in Lebanon, and following her great works, she has been asked to participate in the Egyptian cinema. Sabah, the Lebanese singer participated in many Arabic films, and excelled in both acting, and singing. Sabah died at the age of 87, on November 26, 2014. 
Sabah was characterized by her performance of Lebanese folk songs which she sang in many Lebanese movies. Sabah has acted in almost 85 Egyptian and Lebanese films, and in 27 Lebanese plays in which Sabah participated with many famous Arab actors. Some of the theater plays in which Sabah acted: Dawaleeb El Hawa, El Shallal, Shaher El 3asal, Sett el kell…
With regard to Sabah songs, she has a record of nearly 3000 songs. Of these songs: Abou El Zelof, Zay El 3asal, Balah ya albi, Ahla bhal talli, Sa3at, Sama7tak, Shou Ismal, Abi ysallem 3alek, 3a Lebnan la2ouna, Lebnan, Ma aw3edak, Marhabtayn w Marhabtein… and many other songs 

Sabah has released a duo with Rola Saad, a renewal of the song "Yana Yana", since Sabah likes to encourage new young talents

Sabah sang in many concerts and festivals in the Arab world and in the world. She was the first Arab artist to sing on the stage of the Olympia in Paris, and in the Sydney Opera House and many other theaters in the world, which all Arab stars dream of.

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