Sahar Al Layali

Sahar Allayali (Veillées night), Hani Khalifa generates fierce controversy, to be discussed adultery and marital conflict. The film reflects the vicissitudes of 4 young couples who end up throwing their sights on the stability of home. Mouna Zaki, the wife of the first couple took her husband in the act of infidelity with his mistress, and requires the separation. The film also reflects the background of a woman (Hanan Tork) having been forced to marry before his break with his former friend. The third story, for it concerns a young woman not satisfied sexually by a husband totally conservative and calls hence the divorce. The last scenario runs the story of a young bachelor, adoring the profession, is emotionally torn between his friend and a businessman who offered him life in pink.

Tags: Hanan Turk ,Sherif Mounir , Mona Zaki