Said Mosker

Said Mosker

 Said Mosker, a Moroccan artist, began his artistic life since he was 14 years old.  Mosker Said played on a wide range of musical instruments: guitar, piano... But he only didn’t learn to play Alkmenja.     In his home in Deir al-Sultan Said Mosker formed his first band, he was the composer, writer and the organizer of the affairs of this band.  In 1988 Said Mosker released his first album "Gitoni" This album was a mix of different kinds of music, such as the Rai, traditional, Barbari ..

he has done this album on his own, he was himself the house of production.    Said Mosker was absent from the singing scene to work for many artists. He has lived in France since 1996 and in 1997 and after working on five albums, has become known beyond the borders. Said Mosker was the first writer and composer, who followed the Sound of World Music.  After "Dima Kaain" (I'm always here) the artist Said Mosker releases a new album under the title "Dayra"    Said Mosker worked with Hamid Bashnak in the song "Ma Tfahemnash" in 1998, it was the work combining these two individuals that led them to opening a private studio in "Lilles" and they recorded many songs for known artists.  Between 2000 and 2004 Said Mosker worked as a music engineer in a house od production in Casablanca where he worked with many Arab artists.    Said Mosker differs from other artists in the integration of different types of music in one song. He attracts the public through his simple lyrics, words in which he adopts Moroccan issues.  

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