Salwa Katrib

Salwa Katrib

 The great Lebanese artist Salwa El Katrib was born on the 17th of September 1950 in Lebanon. Salwa Alqatrib grew up in a family that loved art and music and her father was the musician Saliba AlKatrib. 
In 1970 Salwa El Katrib started her way to fame. 
Salwa El Katrib participated in a large number of theater plays where she showed her great voice and performed many wonderful Arabic songs, from the plays in which she participated in: Singof Singof, Bent El Jabal, Alamira Zmerrod, Yasmin, and also participated in the TV program Shahrazade. 

From Salwa El Katrib songs: Oulouli Waynon, 3ala Nab3 el May, Esmak Bi Albi, Rahou w Lebsou, Shou Fi Khalf el Baher, Ya Hader Men B3id, Wa7dak Ya 3askar Lebnan, Ya Rayeh…and many other Arabic songs

The Lebanese singer Salwa Al Katrib left her husband, the Lebanese writer Nahi Lahoud, the brother of the Lebanese musician Romeo Lahoud, to eternal life. On March 4, 2009, life has taken away Salwa El Katrib but left behind her talented daughter, the Lebanese singer Aline Lahoud who complements what her mother had started.

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