Samer Maroun

Samer Maroun

Lebanese artist, Samer Maroun, a singer, entertainer, and an all performer on stage; and when he plays the guitar, he breaks out into dancing. Samer Maroun is well known for making music naturally with his audience, he effortlessly adapts his vocal chords to various genres

He always make sure to entertain everyone around him with his sense of humor. "I sing all the songs I love and that I know my audience loves", he says, "that's what makes the experience pleasurable for both of us". Samer Maroun sings in many languages, he performs classic music, old songs, contemporary music , "I try to select a catalogue that goes from the unforgettable to the fresh and creative," he says enthusiastically. When on stage, Samer Maroun loves to improvise and give a special personal touch to the songs he performs, he never abides by rules and strict structure when it comes to the music he plays, and the audience simply love it this way and interact with him.  Samer Maroun debuted his singing career performing at wedding parties, in bars, pubs and restaurants. He was featured as a guest in the entertaining TV show "Hek Menghanni" with Maya Diab on MTV.  Samer Maroun released his first Arabic song in 2013. "Men Abu Dhabi Li Dubai" Lyrics & Music by Muhammad Hussein, Arranged by Joseph Keyrouz, Mix & Mastering by Fadi Jiji.   

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