Sami Yusuf

Sami Yusuf

Sami Yusuf, British composer, musician and singer. He was born in Iran, Tehran in July 1980

He grew up in London, in a family of Azeri who cherished the music. His father, composer and poet, played a major role in his rise into the music world. He played on several musical instruments from his youth. He worked on his talent and studied with famous composers and graduated from the Royal Academy of Music. He always had a vision that he should quit music and embrace his work to Islam. Upon this vision, he joined his love to music and love to Islam, and launched his first album titled: Al Mu'alim (The Teacher) in July 2003, and his second album: My Ummah in September 2005. He deals in his music with Islam and the Muslim people of our days, and with the encouragement to being proud of religion and identity.  Sami Yusuf has grown famous in the Arab World and participated in concerts all over the world. He has performed in the UK, Middle East, United States, Canada, Azerbaijan, Sudan, Germany, France, Turkey, Belgium, Morocco, Austria and many other countries. He sang with Isam Bachiri "Try not to cry" in Netherlands in 2006. And he has performed two songs from his upcoming album in 2008 in the Wembley Concert in October 2007. He has released videos for his songs and was famously known for his Muslim artistic view. He's spreading the beauty of the Islam religion as he sees it and urges the youth to commit to their religion.  However many Muslims criticized his music and lyrics for they believe that music is forbidden which is haram in Islam. While others agree that religion inspire people with the love of God.
He is married to Maryam who converted to Islam, his wife inspired him to write a song about the liberty to wear the hijab. She wears a veil and an Islamic robe while accompanying him everywhere. He says he's not a religious singer, and didn't want to enroll in pop music, his aim is to widen the Muslim's thoughts and attach them to their identity, especially in the West. He has numerous fans and still…he can reach much more.

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