Samira Said

Samira Said

The famous singer Samira Said resident of Cairo was born on January 10, 1958 in Rabat, capital of Morocco.

Her talent began in the age of eighteen, participating in Barnamaj al Mawaheb (Program of Talents) in Morocco and sang to Oum Qulthum

Her first work began with Chakawna Li Ahbabina,  Koul lel Meliha, when she participated in the series of "Mahabes al Fann wal Adab" it was her first experience. To be followed by registration of the album "Likaa", in 1970. She moved to Cairo in 1978 and performed 2 songs with Mohamed Sultan.
Anchored in the emotional life for two persons, her first husband was the musician Hani Mehanna between 1988 and 1994. The second marriage, this time from a businessman Mustafa al-Nabulsi in 1994, they had a single child named Shadi in 1995.  And now Samira Said is single.

She produced many albums, of the numerous albums for Samira Said we remind you of:
Bila Itab, El Dounya Kida, Khalas habiyna, Ahlam Al Amira, Laylet AlOns, Shiy gharib, Amrak, Asfa, Insani, Alou, Aal Bal, Rouhi, Yom Wara yom, Awwini Beek, Ayyam Hayati…
The albums listed from the oldest to the most recent.

If we want to review the songs of Samira Said, we confess they are various, almost more than a hundred songs, we remind you of: Iini – Hal w Ahwal – Ramadan akbal – Ya bani Bladi…and many  others.

We cannot forget the single songs that Samira Saiid performed, National songs, and duet songs. In addition to its cooperation with the senior people of art from the Gulf, and the EMIRIAN songs in particular.
Samira Saiid received numerous awards, the most important: "World Music Awards" + BBC in addition to the Award of recognition in the Jarash Festival of 1989...
She has been successful for a long time and she continues to be, and now Samira Said after Warda Al Jazaeriya…she is still continuing.

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