Samira Tawfik

Samira Tawfik

 Samira Tawfiq was born on December 25, 1935 in Gemayzeh, Beirut-Lebanon. Since her childhood, Samira Tawfik loved singing

Her talent appeared when she used to climb the trees and sing for great Arab artists like: Mohammad Abdel Wahab, Umm Kulthum, and other artists. 
At the age of 13, Samira Tawfik starting reviving concerts on the stages in Beirut, and later moved other areas. The Lebanese singer Samira Toufik was known as “Sahibat Al Ostoul Al Sades”. 

Samira Toufik’s first song was "Beyn El Dawali", and she continued launching many songs that were known by Lebanese fans and in the Arab countries. She was characterized by the Bedouin dialect. 

Some of Samira Tawfik songs: Ya hala bel dayf, Asmar Khafif El Dayf, Darabni w baka, Bassara w barraja, La Bakol w La Bashrab. Ya 3en Mouleyeten, Ballah tsoubou hal kahwa, and many other songs.  

Samira Tawfik performed in many concerts and festivals in the world and in Arab countries where a huge numbers of fans waited impatiently to hear her sing. 

Samira Tawfik songs are still repeated and sang by the public until today, despite her absence from the artistic scene. After an absence of almost 12 years, Samira Tawfik appeared in a TV show with Rabi3a Al Zayat on AlJadeed TV, where she talked about many stories from her life, about her success, about her memories...and some untold stories.   

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