Samo Zain

Samo Zain

His real name is Osama Alabras, while we know him as Samo Zein.He was born in Kuwait but originally he is from Syria. But Samo Zain only states that he is from Lebanese roots and lives in Egypt

Samo Zein differs from other artists, he did not immediately start singing, but he was working in the largest studios of the Arab countries as voice engineer who deals with top artists.
 His work earned him the experience of opening new doors in the world of art, anyone who listened to his voice and recognized the beauty and distinctiveness of his vocal chords was convinced that this talent must be accompanied by musical studies. Specialized musicians admitted that he has senior dignitary vocals.

In 1999, Samo Zain's first appearance was not expected at this level of admiration and echo in this look, through the first album "Mili ya Helwi". From that evening, he shined to fame and then participated in several successful concerts in many countries of the Arab world.
If everyone considered his first album was a success, it is the same success that accompanied him during the second album "Ana Leek" in which he dealt with top composers and poets and has achieved very high profits. It is here where he realizes that the public wanted to focus on the emotional and romantic songs. Let us not forget that what encouraged more Samo Zein and pushed him to work on more and more to achieve success was the praise he received from many of the singers and musicians including the great singer Ragheb Alama.
After this, Samo Zain launched his third album entitled "Kosset Hobb" and all the songs tell of love and sings romance. The 2003 season was the album "Arreb Li", the fourth album for Samo Zein and was dominated by the romantic style, too.
At the beginning of 2006 was the fifth album, "Maak", which was resonated everywhere on all Mobiles and Internet sites.
Samo Zain did not only sing, but also participated in the experience of acting in a movie of 90 minutes. Critics praised the ability of Samo Zein as successful in the art, and could be successful in acting as well.

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