Saoud Abou Sultan

Saoud Abou Sultan

His real name is Saoud Salim Abu Sultan, singer Saoud Abu Sultan was born in Dubai in 1979 in a family of 13 sons, he was the seventh in order. Saoud Abu Sultan grew up in a family interested in politics and art, he loved singing and acquired this talent through his father

In addition to being a political his father also had a wonderful voice and good at playing the majority of music instruments.

Saoud Bou Sultan's father noted this beautiful voice, which lead him to distinguish Saud from the other sons, he got the most attention, and he helped him to exercise his voice and taught him how to maintain it and gave him full guidance to hear songs of good quality.

The beginning of Saoud Abu Sultan's professional music career was outside the family, through a ceremony prepared by the school, where it was his first time on the theater. And Saoud Abu Sultan participated also in the competition of Layali Dubai 96, 97, and won first place and after that he excelled in a competition on the channel RT and was chosen to represent the French song in France.

All of these activities and Saoud Abu Sultan was still absent from the large audience, until he participated in the program Super Star, he showed to the world and met with the great public, showing his great voice and sense of high moral character and the good heart and pride that characterize him from the rest of the participants.

It is true that Saoud Abu Sultan did not rank first in this program, but the fourth place was good enough to achieve a veritable victory between the people and audience. He released the first album which included songs: Mashi wen, serr el aazab, tfarekna el douroub, ya sidi la tezaal, rehlet omri, akher kalam, haram 3lek…and Saud dealt with the senior names in the Arab world in this album.

Saud Abu Sultan took part in the movie "Tarab Fashion" and sang three songs.

There have been many nicknames for him: the "The proud ", "Prince of the Super Star," "Prince" and other names, but Saoud Abu Sultan remains the best title.

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