Her real name is Fatima Ahmed Shaker, but between the people she is known as Shadia. Artist, singer and actress was born in Egypt February 8, 1928 at Inshas Eastern province in northern Egypt

From an early age, she showed an early talent emerging in features of genius artist. Her father taught her singing and playing music and vocal practice. With her love for music she began her work in the field of art and she is compared to a beautiful flower in the field for whom producers and directors seek to work with her, and senior actors turn to her.

In a few years Chadia became the first star in the sky full of stars and she removed the clouds upon which she shined and covered other artists who appeared for years before she rose. And after this they decided to retire and move away while they watched Chadia enter the hearts of the people, with her cute and simple appearance she distanced herself from the traditions, this was her way to this world, a world of stars.

With the help of Ahmed Badrakhan, Shadia began her art life, this director was looking for new faces, Chadia performed for him and won his admiration, and that of all who were in Studio of Egypt, but this project was not completed. But at this time Chadia has a small role in the movie "Azhar wa Ashwak" and later starred in the movie "Al Aakel Fi Ijaza" written by Ahmed Badrakhan, and the film made a great success. And then, she has participated in numerous films and achieved success and high income to producers.

In all the films in which Chadia was seen, she had the image of the beautiful humoristic cute girl with the wonderful voice.  She participated in more than 100 films, we list some of them: Kalam El Nass, Nadih, Sahibat Almalalim, al Batal, Ayyam Shababi, Al Sabee Afandi, FI El hawa sawa, Alhareb, Lamset Hanan….

And the first time she stood on stage was to perform the play 'RIA' for a progress of 3 years in Egypt and Arab countries.
After Shadia arrived at the summit of success, she decided to retire and to wear the veil. And since then she did not show in the media.

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