Souad Hosny

Souad Hosny

Soad Hosni is an Egyptian actress and singer. Souad Hosni was born in Cairo in January 26, 1944

Soad Hosni debut in the artistic career was through her participation in the first Arabic movie Hasan wa Na'ima in 1959 and followed by many Arabic cinema movies. 

Soad Hosni was given the name of Cinderella. Cinderella of the Arabic screen because she appeared in many Egyptian films and movies, she acted in almost 91 Arabic films; from these films:Ma feesh tafahom, Elsabe3 banat, Limaza a3ish, Al daw2 El khafet, Ghosn el zeytoun, maw3ed fi burj, El 3arees yasel ghadan, kossat zawj, alzawja al thaniya, alnas wel nile, nar el hobb, amirat hobbi ana, hobb fi alzanzana, al jou3, Al ra3i wal nisa2… In addition to films, Soad Hosni participated in the Arabic TV series, theater plays, and many radio series. Souad Hosni won the best actress title for many times as well as a recognition certificate. 

On June 21, 2001, Soad Hosni fell from her balcony of her home in London, and she died. Everyone has been skeptic about Souad Hosni’s death. Has Souad Hosni committed suicide? Or was she killed?   

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