Souad Massi

Souad Massi

She is the face of the new generation of Algerian singers , has a pure and beautiful voice... Souad Massi has drawn a lot of attention because of her incredible talent

Her music is a mixture of Algerian folk music, rock, country and pop. Born in Algeria on August 23, 1972, Soud Massi is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. She has 3 brothers and all of them are deeply involved with the art world, her two brothers are also in the music field while her younger sister is into dancing. Due to the civil war that plagued their country, Massi had to put aside her musical projects for a while, to keep the time she went to college, where she studied engineering. When the war stopped, she resumed her musical career, but her way of thinking and composing had changed; her lyrics expressed topics of protests and complaints, as well as being highly influenced by the European rock bands of that moment. At a really young age, Souad start doing pure acoustic presentations, then became part of the band “Atakor” with which she toured around the country. In 1997, she launched her first production, which was a bestseller; thanks to this record, a couple of videos were broadcast incessantly on all TV channels nationwide. However, the music which Souad was using to denounce the injustices that plagued her country aroused the madness of senior officials, which began to put obstacles in her professional and personal life. This caused her a big physical and emotional stress. Later she recovered and participated in an Algerian music festival in Paris. Souad Massi greatly impressed the audience with her sweet voice and her magnetism on stage. She is a very talented artist, and people show their appreciation during her concerts, where she plays instruments like guitar, mandolin, ukulele, bouzouki and oud with enviable skill. Souad Massi has 5 albums: Raoui, Deb, Mesk Elil, Live Acoustique and her 2010 album release called Ô Houria. The amount of material Massi record is not very big, but the impact it has on her audience with every release is really astonishing. Her charm, personality and talent have made this very talented star popular both in the Middle East and the rest of the world, winning the love and admiration of everyone.

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