Tamer Ashour

Tamer Ashour

From the age of 12 years, singing is his passion, Tamer Ashour Ahmed (2-1-1984), from Egyptian nationality, used to listen to the songs of Umm Kulthum, Abdel Wahab, and other famous people of art.
Since he was young, he was surrounded by great care and attention of his parents, allowing them to note that his ear was inclined to choose the heavy songs, and therefore is inclined to sing, and his family stood beside him, then started to support him

Tamer is born with the passion of singing and playing football. He loved singing and writing, his family and friends advised him to attempt and he signed his first contract with a chief production company "Rotana" and then wrote for a number of Arab artists and he launched his first song "Kalemoha Aani," and launched with this company his first album. He was known for famous songs: Allahou Aalam, Ah ya l bou leyl, Khayef, Douroub fi Kalbi, Koul youm, Waeef, and other songs that were listened to constantly in the Arab world.

Tamer's best young artist is Husein El Jasmi, but the best artist Samira Said. He cheers Al Ahli Group in football and in particular the player Abu Trika.

Tamer Ashour love all types of people around him, and believed that there are important things for him that may be unimportant to others. He has his own personal views and opinions.

Whoever makes Tamer Ashour a better person,  and whoever is truly honest with him, is a friend.

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