Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosny

Egyptian composer, actor, singer and poet born in the capital, and has dominated on the minds of people in a very noticeable way trough his various albums and films. Who is he…?

He is Tamer Hosny Sharif Abbas (8-16-1977) his father is Egyptian and his mother Syrian; his personality was the mixture of both parents.
But in the absence of his father who left them , the mother of Tamer Hosny discovered his talent and did not let him lose it , but has developed it through the amendment to the school of music , to learn music , so Tamer Hosny began to show his talent at the university where he was given many opportunities to care about .

The song “koulou la" and the coincidence of the presence of the journalist Salma Alshamaa in a one of the concerts where Tamer Hosny was present, is what pushed this Star with his amazing voice.

All of this has led to the signing of the first contract with the producer Nasr Mahrous , who was impressed by his talent and decided to develop it , so Tamer Hosni recorded his first song “chakli hahebak”
And Tamer Hosni appeared in an album which has included many of  the artists and was a bridge for him , to pass to another work ; and resulted high number of sales , so the first album was titled “ Tamer and Sherine, free mix 3 "
After linking the name of Tamer Hosni to Sherine, he was abducted from the world of music, to return back and appears single , so he find his success in solidarity  .
So Tamer Hosni record his own album titled " hob" where he synchronized between romance , drama , and fun , so he provided various forms of music , that entered hearts and minds without taking any permission .
We can not also forget the award obtained by Tamer Hosni , best artist of the highest sales album in Egypt , year 2002 and the title of the best young singer, so this title garlanded his name.

More closer but this time to the world of cinema, the big screen attracted Tamer Hosni like other music stars

He participated in the movie "halat hobb" in which he was the creator of the idea, offering a personality closer to his reality so he lived the reality again.
But it was the first test which supported him to run into a second movie “sayed elatifi”.
Than he mixed the romance and the fun in the same film "omar wa salma" , and the latest movie of Tamer was “ kapten heima” where he reached the top ; he had the main role in the film .

Tamer Hosny wrote many songs and composed to himself and to others too. This is one of his talents.
As an example “boss baa" to Sherine Ahmad , and “oum waaf " to Bahaa Sultan and also a song of Ahmad Zaki who has sing it in a precision and sensation , during the ceremony at Amercain University.
Tamer Hosni, a singing bird, composed, acted, wrote, and here we are seeing him at the top.

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