3oyono Dar


Tamer 7osny - 3oyona dar

7abeeby ya kol el 7ayah

ew3edny ennak tefdal ma3aya

matghebsh 3anny khod alby menny

khalik 7adenny le7ad el nehaya

da 3yoono dar ganna we nar

de7ket nahar agmal romoosh

shaddoony leeeh wana dobt feeh

ezzay we leeh leeeeh mates2aloosh

Allah 3aleek wenta wa2ef bain 2edayyaa

de7ket 3eneek beeha bansa el donya deyaa

Allah 3alaik wenta wa2ef bain 2edayyaa

de7ket 3enekk beeha bansa el donya deyaa


Tamer Hosni - Her Eyes Are a Home

My darling, my whole life

Promise me to stay with me

Don't leave me

Take my heart from me

May you embrace me until the very end

Her eyes are a home

A heaven and hell

Smile of day

The most beautiful eyelashes pulled me to you

And I fell in love with you

And how and why don't ask

God be with you when you are standing in my arms

Your eyes' smile makes me forget this world

If one day she left she would find a darling who dreams of her, ah, and feels for her

I will keep dreaming here until one day brings us together and I embrace your eyes

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