The story of the Album: Wehde

In 1943, a few days before the Lebanese independence got written on paper, "the creators" of Lebanon were scurrying to save a detained president and some of his ministers. Their main objective was to finish with the French mandate. They had little time to imagine a country and a nation and to bring to life a constitution that served both with civil laws for a civil state. A Lebanese girl, "Wehde" had an idea. The idea developed a dream and "Wehde" longed for a peaceful country, harmonious with its people from all walks of life from all 18 different sects. "Wehde" survived and her dream remained a dream. Today it has gathered dust over the years but "Wehde" still strolls down the sea shore on a sunny day with all the people waiting like her for a new (true) independent nation to be born. This album tells her story.

Wehde Songs