The Message

The Message (الرسالة in Arabic, English, the Messenger) is a film directed by Moustapha Akkad describing the life of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). History of the birth of Islam since the revelation given to Mahomed (Pbsl) in 610/611 until farewell pilgrimage to Mecca where he died June 8 632: establishment of the new community, writing of the Koran, persecution , grandiose and bloody battles led by Hamza, the u0026quot;Lion of the Desertu0026quot; against the armies of merchants who traded idols around the Kaaba, exile in Medina and construction of the first mosque, institution of worship, conversion of former persecutors as Abu Sofyan, and breach of truce truce until the great u0026quot;truce of 10 years.u0026quot;

Tags: Abdalla Gaith (Hamza), Mona Wasif (Hind), Hamdi Ghaith (Abou Sofyan), Ali Salem (Bilal), Mohamed Salim (Khalid).