This is Why I'm Hot - Nemr Abou Nassar

 Arabic Stand Up Comedy - Nemr Abou Nassar

This is Why I'm Hot - Nemr Abou Nassar

1. Sexual Significance of the Car Crash
2. Wax Attax
3. The Phenomenon of Farting
4. From Flirt to Finish
5. Adma the Mighty
6. Star Academy, Mission Fashion, and Professors
7. Universities of Lebanon
8. Wael Kfoury
9. The Iraqi War and the Origin of Proper Arabic
10. A Blow Job from King Kong
11. To Lebanon’s illegitimate neighbors 
12. Hunting Gangsta’ Style
13. Time Traveling Truth Bringer
14. “Holy Mom and Fist” with a bit of Tele Lumiere
15. Politics of Division, Unity of Bad Programming
16. Acne versus Liver
17. Plastic Surgery and Plastic Minds
18. Lebanese Restaurants and Kiss my Ass!
19. Electronic Music
20. Japan versus Lebanon
21. Frenchies 
22. The Lebanese Dream
23. My Father from Africa
24. Clubbing, Living and Drafts in Lebanon
25. Epic Commercials and the Guaranteed Female Orgasm
26. From Dating to Legacy
27. MSN 
28. A Relationship through the Majesty of Music


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