Toni Kattan

Toni Kattan

Tony Kattan, a Jordanian singer, was born on the 11th of August 1985. Tony Kattan is of Palestinian roots, raised up in a family with 2 brothers and sister.  From he was a child, Tony Kattan's hobby grew with him, and all he kept thinking of is music

He used to play the oud, guitar and piano. He has many musical projects from he was a kid; he created his own band and started composing songs. Though he has a degree in Business Administration but his musical talents lead him to enter the music world and furthermore to deal with other artists, write lyrics and composing for them their music. He composed for Joe Ashkar,(shou akhbarek), Diana Karazon (Mahalah)…   Tony Kattan released his first album entitled: Malaksh Zai. He has risen to fame through his songs "Eyouni Sehrani", Awedtini", "Eb3ed w rou7", "Ahlef Yamin"… he shot video clips for: "Malaksh Zai", "Awedtini", "Eb3ed w rou7", "Men dounek", and "Eyouni sehrani". Tony Kattan songs have prevailed through many concerts where he performed like Germany, France…  

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