Tony Hanna

Tony Hanna

 Tony Hanna, the Lebanese artist, was born in Lebanon in a small village in Jbeil called Maad. He lived nearly 15 years abroad before returning back to his country

Tony Hanna participated in Studio El Fann program where he succeeded and started his journey towards stardom. 
In the early seventies and since he started singing Tony Hanna had his own special appearance , the way he arranges his hair and the style of his clothes besides the stick that he always dances with while singing. 

Tony Hanna, was known by several songs at his time; these songs are still prominent even today: Yaba Yaba Lah, Dakhlak wel hawa shemali, Khatarna 3ala balak, Yes3ad Saba7ek kell ma el belbol Shada, 3ala Dal3ouna ... and many other Arabic songs. 

Tony Hanna participated in many festivals and concerts in various parts of the world, London, Paris, Australia, Brazil... and in various Arab countries. 

Tony Hanna was given the title of “Al Dali Alloubnani" because of his long mustaches that characterized him. Fans of Tony Hanna wait for his new projects, and attend his parties in the Music Hall founded by Michel Elefteriades since 2003. Tony Hanna collaborated with many singers and artists like the Yugoslavian Gipsy Brass Band, the National Orchestra of Nowheristan, and the Chehade brothers.

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