Tony Kiwan

Tony Kiwan

 Tony Kiwan was born in Lebanon, in a village called Fridis. From his childhood, the artist Tony Kiwan loved art and singing

He enrolled in the Lebanese National Conservatoire and studied playing the oud, solfege and the history of music. 
Tony Kiwan used to practice singing and improving his voice in the church choir and after learning the music, Tony Kiwan met the Lebanese artist Sami Clark who helped him appear on the Lebanese TV channel for the first time in his program Nadi 83 (Club 83). 

The Lebanese singer, Tony Kiwan engaged in singing popular Lebanese songs since he was attached to this type of Arabic songs and adored the Lebanese folklore. Some of Tony Kiwan songs: Ya wel Weli, Be7lof 3al ghali, Mashi, 3eres el mawsam, Tolli ya zena, Dawwayna shmou3, Salma, Tkabbaret 3layki, Baddik baddik, A7lef yameen, Awwal dam3a,Ya Mdallali, Yo2sof 3omrek…and many others.   Tony Kiwan did not deal with any production company, since he has his own company “Kiwan Productions”. 

Tony Kiwan participated in many festivals and concerts in the Arab countries and around the world, and he has been always warmly welcomed by the public.

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