Wadih El Safi

Wadih El Safi

Wadih El Safi of Lebanese nationality, born in the town of Niha - Chouf in November 1, 1921. He started his musical career at the age of 17 when he participated in a singing competition held by the Lebanese Radio and he was first among 50 other competitors.
He left to Brazil in 1947 and stayed until 1950

During this period, he sang for the Lebanese in the Diaspora songs about their homeland. "Loubnan ya Otaat sama", "Beyti",  "Ya oukhti njoum el elil dawiha" and "Ya ibni" are among the many songs which emotionally affected every immigrant and gave a free rein to his nostalgia. After he returned to Lebanon, Wadih El Safi attempted to expand folk music and chose Poetry and Zajal to motivate patriotism and focus on love, fidelity, morals and values.

He was very well known for his Mawals. He roamed the world singing in many languages like Arabic, French, Brazilian and Italian. He appeared in major international festivals and he was honored in Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, Syria, Mascat and France. He earned an honorary doctorate from the University of Kaslik (USEK).
His first appearance in the Baalbek Festival goes back to 1957. Of his most important theatre plays we mention: "Mawsam El Izz', "Ardouna Ila El Abad" ,"Kasidat Houb", "Al Anwar", and 'Ayyam Sayf'  and of his cinema works we name: "Mawwal" and "Nar el Showk" with the famous Lebanese artist Sabah. His records were played throughout all the Arab radios and he carried the message of Lebanon in his voice. His audience gathered people of all ages, tastes, classes and regions, in a new school based on tradition and inspired by folklore. He performed his songs with spontaneity and simplicity aided by a flexible voice, and the power and richness of his vocal talents.
In his archive, more than 3000 songs written by himself. He is a Lebanese cultural icon given the nickname "Voice of Lebanon". Wadih El Safi has proved that his voice can perform all kinds of songs with the same high skills. He is a great artist who has preserved the glow of his existence and the vividness of his performance. The great Lebanese legend Wadih El Safi died at the age of 92 on October 11, 2013. His funeral held at St. George Cathedral in downtown Beirut, Lebanon on the 14th of October, and buried in his hometown Niha, Chouf.    


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